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So, here it is. After several long months.

I want to thank Flosites from the bottom of my fucking heart for working with me on this blog. Ross + Jenny are truly, truly amazing. I am certainly not the easiest person to work with creatively, but they were patient and innovative. They knew exactly what I wanted before I even said it. If you’re looking for a custom blog, please please please check them out!


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// 03.23.2010 // personal

carrie: it's fantastic!  (04/11/2010, 20:01) 

Emma: Your new site is W*I*C*K*E*D! Love your inspirational work...  (04/06/2010, 20:01) 

scott: Amazing blog and amazing work. Beautiful!  (03/29/2010, 18:34) 

C.J. Scott: Girl, I totally love it.   (03/26/2010, 07:56) 

tina: YOU my lady are amazing!!!! This is gorgeous!!!!  (03/23/2010, 23:39) 

Tanya Perez: AMAZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZING. Love you!   (03/23/2010, 22:15) 

Dan: The new site is gorgeous! Not being able to see your pix in my Google Reader is kinda' killing it for me, though. Still, your photography keeps rocking.  (03/23/2010, 20:59) 

ohana photographers: f*ck yah they are! rockin site!  (03/23/2010, 18:36) 

des: i think my heart just fucking exploded! this is a.m.a.z.i.n.g!  (03/23/2010, 17:43) 

mary: holy shit! GORGEOUS! love it!!!!  (03/23/2010, 17:30) 

matt sloan: OMFG! <3  (03/23/2010, 16:48) 

marco: oh gawd this is the shit  (03/23/2010, 16:39) 

Trista Lerit: Congrats Angelica!! I love the new blog..and new URL..so awesome :-) You must be so happy right now!! Ross   (03/23/2010, 16:36) 

Celina Gomez: this is S*I*C*K   (03/23/2010, 16:27) 

ross: It was great working with you Angelica! From all of us working on your project: yura, roman, dorin, jenny and myself! Thank You!  (03/23/2010, 15:59) 

alicia: holy mother of all that is holy this is BEAUTIFUL!!!! <3  (03/23/2010, 15:58) 

Alicia Stepp-Woody: holy mother of all that is holy this is BEAUTIFUL!!!! <3  (03/23/2010, 15:55) 

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