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Eliesa 03.29.2010 | portraits | 6 comments

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// 03.29.2010 // portraits

Rosaura Sandoval: Wow! These are amazing! Glamorous, sexy, fantastic!  (05/06/2010, 23:37) 

Aaron Shintaku: so sick! Your stuff is epic!!  (03/30/2010, 21:57) 

bobbi: are you KIDDING me with that hotness??!? Angelica, there's no one better. Seriously. You leave me speechless every time I visit your blog.   (03/29/2010, 21:03) 

ohana photographers: as if eliesa wasn't hot enuf!   (03/29/2010, 20:51) 

Gina: Damn Girl you look amazing. Seriously those sunglasses are the BEST! A- I love your new blog and could tell Jenny was your designer the second I saw it. It's gorgeous (Ross's team is working on mine right now)  (03/29/2010, 19:43) 

mary: holy hotness!!! eliesa you look gorgeous!!! and these photos oooze ethereal goodness!!!   (03/29/2010, 19:28) 

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