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Bowie Elijah! 08.29.2011 | kids | 10 comments

On August 13, 2011, our little boy made his way into our world after 36 torturous hours of labor. I’m still traumatized and waiting for that whole, “Oh, you will forget all about it and want another one!” For now, he’s a handful and a half – 9lbs11oz at birth. I am (slowly) answering e-mails and will resume work on October 1 with a great wedding at the Metropolitan Building. Please be patient if you don’t hear from me immediately.

P.S. – Bowie means blonde/fair haired..and he has lots of blonde hair :) 482 votes vote for this image   521 votes vote for this image  

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Arlene Catherine: Gorgeous!!  (10/05/2011, 00:55) 

Heather Elizabeth: Angelica, he is absolutely beautiful :) I am so happy for you both!   (09/21/2011, 20:55) 

jen longaway: wow, 36 hours in labor! congratulations!!! love bowie's blue eyes   (09/19/2011, 18:09) 

jeanine: Congratulations on your beautiful little man! Love his name!!!  (09/06/2011, 09:06) 

Billy: beeeeuteeeful baby! I'm guessing we'll wait for Erica before we set up play dates :)  (08/30/2011, 20:24) 

LINDSEYBELLE: Congratulations!!! Wow! He is just gorgeous. Love his name!!! Huge hugs!  (08/30/2011, 12:20) 

Molly: What a radiant little guy!   (08/30/2011, 05:57) 

Shayna: Congrats! He's a looker! What a great day for a birthday, it's my little sister's too!  (08/30/2011, 02:35) 

Kelly Vasami: Congratulations and welcome to the club! It's a much different club than the ones you're used to, but this one is fun too ;) So very happy for you - Bowie is GORGEOUS!!  (08/30/2011, 02:11) 

zofia: I just want to eat his little face. What a BEAUTIFUL boy you've got. Congrats x a million Angelica and Phil!!! xoxox  (08/30/2011, 00:40) 

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